IHSSA Basketball Rules


  • All players must be 18+

  • 7 second back court violation.

  • No more than 10 players per team.  

  • Each player on the roster must play at least 2 games during regular season in order to play in tournament. Exception will be made on case by case basis. (Player injury etc...)

  • 2 Twenty minute Halves

  • Running Clock except last minute of 1st half and last 2 minutes of 2nd half (unless at least a 20 point lead).

  • 2 Timeouts per half.

  • Players are required to wear NWIA Jerseys (available on website $20).

  • Team Captains are responsible for team and any guests.

  • Captains are allowed to substitute a new player for an injured or player that can no longer participate.  Substitute players must sign a waiver form and purchase NWIA Jersey.  NO EXCEPTIONS


  • 1 TO per team

  • 1st OT 2 minute

  • 2nd OT 1 minute

  • 3rd 1st team with 2 point lead


  • Teams must have 4 players to start game.

  • Team will forfeit game with 15 minutes after scheduled start time.

  • 2 points will be awarded for each minute a team is not able to start game.

Technical Fouls

  • No Foul Language

  • No disrespecting officials

  • 1st technical foul player must sit for 5 minutes.

  • 2nd technical within same game, player is ejected and must leave building.

  • 6 technical fouls with a season player is suspended for one game.